Annoucing, a new free resource

Posted on October 10th, 2016 .

We’re excited to announce the public launch of (, a free, crowd-sourced community platform to find Projects and Events related to your interests. The goal is to help foster collaboration, and increase information access to the larger DH community.

We also have a social news site, where DH articles, announcements and blog posts can be shared, voted and commented on.

If you’d like to contribute that would be excellent! You’ll see that we have an initial seed of data, but it’d be great to be aware of projects/events not already listed. Feel free to add to any of the following areas on the site:

1. More Projects

We’ve successfully added over 300 projects funded by the NEH and others into the projects database, and catalogued them according to research field and institution. We’re adding more every day, and would like to eventually include all funded projects across the different organizations. If you know of a project, or have your own you’d like to share where others in your field can easily find you, feel free to add it in.

2. Live Project URLs

We’ve added links to the Live Project where we could find them, but are still missing the vast majority. If you know where others can use and interact with the listed Projects, it would be great to add it.

3. Upcoming Events

We’ll eventually build direct integrations to other calendars, but for now events can be added directly to the site.

4. Articles and updates

This would be a venue where blog posts, announcements, general DH-related material could be shared with the larger community.

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