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Heather Asbeck graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) in 2015 with a Master of Arts in English and American Literature and a post-baccalaureate certificate in Teaching of Writing. At SIUE she won the A. Edwin Graham Memorial Award for graduate writing, taught first-year writing, served on the First Year Writing Program and Textbook Adoption Committees, and collaborated with Lovejoy Library on a media literacy pilot program for first-year writing students. She also worked on a variety of digital projects and exhibits, including a long-term book history project: The Wide, Wide World Digital Edition, an ongoing project developing a digital edition of Susan Warner’s novel that examines Transatlantic textual and paratextual variants that resulted from 141 reprints over a century.

She is currently pursuing a PhD in nineteenth-century British Literature at the University of Missouri (MU). Her research interests include women writers, the development of fiction during the nineteenth century, women’s work, the history of the book, material culture, and digital humanities. Her literary research focuses on the ways that a constellation of expectations and boundaries regarding female dress, class, employments, and notions of propriety contribute to women’s lifestyle and labor choices—along with the repercussions of violating those boundaries, either by force or choice. She enjoys teaching writing and literature courses that highlight women writers, the history of the book, the affordances and constraints of various physical and digital media formats, and the cycle of consumption and disposal associated with use and obsolescence of electronic devices. Her courses incorporate projects that encourage exploration and critical reflection regarding digital and physical media formats. These projects include activities such as utilizing period-specific tools, analyzing physical and digital media artifacts, transferring and interpreting aspects of a historic text into an alternate media format, exploring digitized texts and their interfaces, researching the lifecycle of digital devices from creation to disposal, and creating a blogs or social media accounts related to course content.

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